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Outdoor Lighting for Design and Installation
Intown Dreamscape Designs, Inc. designers will work with you to provide you the best plan to highlight and accentuate your home and property. We will create a lighting arrangement that fits your needs for your property as well as sets the perfect ambiance for your home. Our installation team will provide you with superior craftsmanship and a safe and efficient installation true to your design. We install quality material from a select group of lighting manufacturers, and will stand behind our final product with a generous warranty period.Outdoor Lighting Maintenance
We also offer a full range of outdoor lighting maintenance services. Our Trained Technicians will help you to protect your investment, while ensuring that your lighting system is providing you with the full potential of your original design. Maintenance Agreements range from a monthly to an annual basis, and we can work with our clients to arrange a custom Agreement to fit their needs. Maintenance to lighting systems includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Complete systems checks – We ensure that your lighting system is functioning properly and in a safe manor.
  • Cleaning and replacement of bulbs – Cleaning your bulbs and making sure you have the right luminescent effect from each fixture will make the lighting fixture more efficient and also enhance the visual appeal of your lighting fixtures.
  • Troubleshooting and Repair – If you experience any problems with your lighting system, our highly experienced technicians can diagnose the problem and correct it in a cost effective manner.