Intown Dreamscape Designs is dedicated to being a socially responsible company. We are always looking for new avenues to better the community and ways to help preserve what is already here.Over the years we have been committed to serving the community in which our offices are located. As we have grown, we have branched out into new areas of Atlanta and want to continue our efforts in those new areas. In the past we have teamed up with Trees Atlanta and Park Pride to help beautify the streets and parks in which we frequent on a daily basis. We realize that not every community has the opportunity to work with these great organizations, so we have come up with some ideas of our own to help those ones that want to work with us and want to improve their neighborhoods.Suggestions?
Although we have made many efforts to make our company a more responsible one, we are always looking for new ways to do more. We are always open to any suggestions and new ideas from people in the community. If you have any suggestions, please let us know your thoughts.